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Hello everyone.  BreakSlash here.

Today's topic is the current state of Capcom, one of my go-to whipping boys for controversy or doing something very stupid as of late.  Before this year's E3 2014, I heard a few rumors that something special was going to be announced.  Rumors of Dino Crisis finally getting a remake, Resident Evil 2 remake, an Enhanced Veronica, among others.  Come E3... just stuff on things they announced BEFORE E3- Monster Hunter 4 footage, Ace Attorney for 3DS eShop, and Dead Rising 3 for PC.  Something they said wouldn't happen ever along with Microsoft.  Good, glad to know those are liars.  Oh and DLC that has a bunch of Capcom history poking fun of Capcom and their practices.  Good lord if I try to type out that title...

So what happened?  What's going on with Capcom?  Well, Capcom is pretty much on the line of being bought out.…
Last I heard, Capcom only had $150 million in the bank.  That's not a lot at all.  In fact, that's around the amount to make 1 game.  Just one.  And with Capcom trying to get games to be like Call of Duty, that was just going to end with failure.  Hell, Dead Rising 3, heavily promoted, only got 1 million back.

So here we are.  The shareholders aren't going to save Capcom now.  They are close to being gone- dissolved into another company.  And good.  As much as I love Capcom... or love their games, not them, the guys at Capcom are just not competent or capable of managing these IPs.  Someone else needs to step in.

In the event of Capcom being flat out bought out, as in if Sony doesn't take a few IPs and Nintendo takes a few... I think Nintendo should be the one to buy them out completely.  For one, at least two franchises has been consistently on Nintendo exclusive- Monster Hunter and Ace Attorney (and yes, I'm aware of the PSP Monster Hunter, but that was rare).  Another is that Capcom has a notorious dealing with exclusivity with other titles- see Dead Rising, Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, and among others.  To be honest, they don't seem to like making special deals with Sony and Microsoft.  It normally bites them in the ass later down the line.  That and I think they are starting to think "Say, we shouldn't have screwed Nintendo with our Big Five deal for the Gamecube, huh?"

If Nintendo does it, then they become even stronger competition to Sony and Microsoft (though I use competition with Microsoft loosely on both ends).  Street Fighter on only Nintendo consoles.  Mega Man as he was to begin with.  Resident Evil was at it highest when it was on the Gamecube.  I think that with better management with Nintendo, who has started and outlasted them at this point, these IPs can be great again, as opposed to being just all right and nothing special.  I generally think that Capcom trying to please everyone, i.e. catering to every console maker and all the audiences while appealing to none, was their downfall.  Once they broke that Big Five deal, we saw things taking a noticeable turn for the worse.

Thoughts?  Just like Capcom squirming for bad business practices?  Hopeful?  Sad?  Let me know!
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