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BrainScratch Super Smash Bros 4! :iconbreakslash:BreakSlash 38 8
My Best and Worst Video Games of 2013
BreakSlash Reviews
My Best and Worst Video Games of 2013
“2013 was an epic, and cautionary, year for gaming.”  
SPOILERS ALERT!! And remember, reviews, thoughts, and retrospectives are all subjective and based on opinion.  Everyone is entitled to their own and do not harp on others for theirs.
Hello, I’m BreakSlash, breaking down media to reveal their flaws.  I’m exceptionally sorry that I haven’t done practically anything review or list wise.  It’s just been so busy this year.  And judging by the list you’re looking at, you should know why.  I’m super late for this list, but… you know.  Things happen.
My, oh my.  2013 certainly has been a busy and awesome year for video games.  Great games for the PS3, Xbox 360, PC, 3DS, and a few ones for the PS VITA.  The Wii U is gaining some speed (should have happened before the end of 2013, but I digress).  And the PS4 came out… O
:iconbreakslash:BreakSlash 0 0
BSC: Sonic Rush :iconbreakslash:BreakSlash 10 7 BSC Sonic Adventure 2 Battle :iconbreakslash:BreakSlash 6 6
Editorial: Unprofessionalism in Video Games
BreakSlash Reviews
BreakSlash Editorial: Tweets and Unprofessionalism in the Video Game Industry
Hello, I’m BreakSlash, breaking down media to reveal their flaws.  I am absolutely astounded and flabbergasted by the utter unprofessionalism (yes, that’s a word) from the video game community.  Yes, that includes the blind fans that attack anyone that dares to criticize their beloved fandom and the trolls who just do it for the hell of it.  But that’s not my main focus for this editorial.  No, it’s the idiots who think they can say whatever they want and not have any repercussion whatsoever.  These include employees from Microsoft and Electronic Arts, or as I like to call them “Egotistical Assholes.”
Everyone who dabbles in video game news knows who Adam Orth is.  He used to work for Microsoft.  Now he doesn’t.  For the few who don’t know or like the reminder, here’s what happened.  During th
:iconbreakslash:BreakSlash 0 1
BSC: Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland :iconbreakslash:BreakSlash 8 4 BSC: Batman Arkham City :iconbreakslash:BreakSlash 8 4 BSC: Batman Arkham Asylum :iconbreakslash:BreakSlash 5 2 BreakSlash Mach 3 :iconbreakslash:BreakSlash 0 0
Resident Evil 6 Review
BreakSlash Reviews
Resident Evil 6 Review
“It was nice knowing you horror.  I hope you find a new home.  Resident Evil and Capcom certainly aren’t going to house you anymore.”  
Hello I’m BreakSlash, breaking down media to reveal their flaws.  For those who remember, I reviewed Resident Evil 5 a little while back.  It had its flaws, but I had fun with it and the co-op, while very out of place for a horror game and downright unnecessary, was an interesting first try.  I can’t really fault it because of trying something new.
Resident Evil 6, however, I can justly do so.  Everyone and their grandmother have torn the game a new one and some of it is very deserved, while some is not.  Now, don’t get me wrong here, I don’t hate the game outright.  In fact, I like it.  Parts of it I like even more so than RE5.  However…
It’s a strange case.  I like more things in
:iconbreakslash:BreakSlash 1 0
BSC: Metroid Prime :iconbreakslash:BreakSlash 6 5 BrainScratchComms: Kirby Edition :iconbreakslash:BreakSlash 24 9
How to Reboot Your Video Game Franchise Properly
BreakSlash Reviews
How to Reboot Your Franchise Properly
“When there’s a call and need, a reboot can work well.  If not... we get terrible installments that dig graves and let the franchise fall right in.”
SPOILERS ALERT!! And remember, reviews, thoughts, and retrospectives are all subjective and based on opinion.  Everyone is entitled to their own and do not harp on others for theirs.
Hello, I’m BreakSlash, breaking down media to reveal their flaws.  I believe it’s time to talk about something that seems to be prevalent for 2013: Reboots.  For the two of you who don’t know, reboots are retelling of a storyline or a premise to a game, movie, TV series, book, and the like.  For the sake of today’s argument, I will be talking about video game reboots.
In the case of a reboot for a game series, it’s… more or less a very touchy subject matter.  What makes video game reboots the heated arguments among fans is the fact that the medium is
:iconbreakslash:BreakSlash 1 4
BrainScratchComms: Mega Man Edition :iconbreakslash:BreakSlash 13 11 How to Reboot Your Franchise Properly Title Card :iconbreakslash:BreakSlash 7 0 BSC: Mega Man 9 :iconbreakslash:BreakSlash 20 5


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Hello everyone.  I know that I haven't been posting here, like at all recently.  Well, it's real life and all that took a hold of me.  But I would like to promote a new site that is doing gaming articles and reviews.  If you could check out Player Theory's site that would be great for the site.  We just need the viewership and your help would be greatly appreciated.
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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hello! I am BreakSlash, your average video game, movie, TV series, comic book, and media reviewer and critic! I will be reviewing various pieces of media, whether I see it as good or bad. My range will normally go from average where people have mixed feelings to it to the god awful. I will also review the newest movies I just saw at theaters. If you have something that I should have a look at, please let me know! I also draw! BreakSlash out!

After some influence by some Let's Player's on Youtube, I am also going to try Retrospectives on various game series and actual Let's Plays!

I will draw title cards for free! Now, in order to qualify for this, you must have the following:
A creditable web show/site that I can easily find (most notable for TGWGT site or Cinema Massacre.)
At least 1 creditable review (preferably a video review. Though I do text based reviews, I may bend a little, but you need to prove you done at least 1 review nonetheless)
I will let you know when I can get it done as soon as possible.

For those who are wondering, I draw the following:
Fan art
Title Cards
Video Game/Movie/TV Show Characters

Will Not Draw:

Youtube Site:…
Skype: If you are a close friend and ask, I may give it.



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